C.S. Lewis Academy


C.S. Lewis Academy is a cooperative Homeschool academy directed as a ministry of WriteCreate within an Oxford Model program.

Meet The Community Tutors & Lecturers

Dr. John O. Soden

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Dr. Soden is Scholar-in-Residence of WriteCreate and Lead Tutor of the Academy. He has 20 years teaching experience at all grades levels Pre-k thru High School, Collegiate, Master's and Doctoral. He holds a BA in Analytic Philosophy, an MA in Philosophy of Religion/Theology, and a PhD in Humanities & Culture. He retains certification as a Master Teacher in the Western Tradition (Liberal Arts - all subjects) K-12.

Ashley Soden

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Mrs. Soden is CEO of WriteCreate and regularly leads workshops in Literature, Creative Writing and Writing Methods. As well as directing WriteCreate's Sessions retreats, adult writers programs and the Young Writers Programs. Among her many responsibilities - she and her husband Homeschool their three children.

Philip Yanda

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Mr. Yanda holds a Master's in Biblical Studies and Instruction. He is a regular Bible Teacher and leads group studies in Inductive Bible Study and Hermeneutics. 

Mrs. Cindy Barker

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Mrs. Barker is the former Director of Instruction for Mathematics in Cy-Fair School District and Math teacher for over 20 years.  She is also a former Dean of Academics. Currently, she is director of Mind-Full consulting and Tutoring specializing in K-12 Tutoring and Consulting for schools, parents and services for children.

Rev. Linus Nguyen

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Pastor Nguyen is Lead Pastor of Westside Fellowship Church and Founder of The Way Ministries. He has been bi-vocational for over a decade and regularly teaches in Biblical Studies, Apologetics, Rhetoric and Humanities. He has Advanced training In rhetoric and Socratic Method.

David Jung

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Prof. Jung is Prof. of Business and Applied Economics at Belhaven University and Lonestar College. 

Mrs. Sharon M. Peterson

Mrs. Peterson is an award winning author and novelist. She is a former classroom teacher and loves the creative writing process. 

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Calendar (2019-2020)

* The Academy has the option to meet 2 days a week. Either Monday/Friday or Monday/Wednesday. All levels meet 9am-noon. Middle School/High School stays until 2:30pm. 

5 terms / 6 weeks each.


  • Term 1 Sept. 9 – Oct. 18

    • Week Break Oct. 21-25


  • Term 2 Oct. 28 – Dec. 13

    • Thanksgiving Break Nov. 25 – Nov. 29

    • Christmas Break Dec. 16 – Jan. 4


  • Term 3 Jan. 6 – Feb. 14

    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday Jan. 20 – Day of Service)

    • Week Break Feb. 17-21


  • Term 4 Feb. 24 – Apr 10

    • Spring Break coincides with regional school calendars. (March 9 – 13)

    • Week Break Apr. 13 – 17

    • Easter Holiday Apr. 13


  • Term 5 Apr. 20 – May 22

    • Academy Summer Break Begins May 25.

How it works

A cooperative runs by family involvement. Here are the nuts and bolts of joining the CSL Academy

Academy Curriculum

The Co-op curriculum helps bring focus to your homeschooling while allowing for freedom and flexibility.


You can afford it :)  With income based Membership fees.

Tutors and Community

A very unique feature of the CSLA community is our Oxford Model Program. Our Tutors function as our lifeline, guides and academic support for the academic process. As well as our lecturers and field experts.