Academy Curriculum

Each year the focus of the CSL Academy will be the basics or core areas of needed skills for our students and families. The principles of deep study, repetition, practice, application and study. Overall, our community will utilize basic core texts from which to order the school year for Co-op days. Our Community Tutors will be involved with parent instructors in the planning, assigning and teaching the work. Tutors and guest experts will also regularly visit to give instruction and talks on subjects being taught in the Co-op.

Art and Music

  • Art and Music will be integrated into every term. Both in course projects and as former educational experiences across the grades. Such experiential engagement with the arts is essential for the learning process.

Math & Science

  • Right Start Mathematics (Pre-K thru Middle School)

    • High School will utilize Colorado Christian University texts and BJU for Dual Credit courses.​

  • Answers in Genesis Science Series (K-12)



  • All About Reading & Phonics (Pre-K thru 3rd)

  • First Language Lessons (Elementary)​​

  • Grammar for a Well-Trained Mind (3rd thru 7th)

  • Copy-Work Books and Writing Practice



  • Creative Writing and Literature

  • Lost Tools of Writing and essay (Secondary)

  • Rhetoric (Secondary)


  • The Gospel Project, Bible Project and Reading of Scripture

  • Church History, Inductive Study and biblical Languages (Secondary)

Reading and Literature



  • Story of the Worlds (series Pre-K thru 5th) 

  • History of the Ancient World (Secondary)

  • Primary Source Reads 

Other Learning Experiences

  • CSL Academy field trips (Both in-state and out of state)

  • Labs

  • Access to further training for parents and their children

  • College and Career Prep

    • Internships​

    • AP training and exam prep

    • Dual Credit

  • Access to Team and Sports Leagues 

  • Training in performance arts (Choral and Theater)

  • and Much much more.

Here is an excellent article on the nature of a Classical Education and Community.