1 Day/ 1 Story

New date TBA

Is there a story you've been wanting to write? Perhaps a family story that's been passed down through generations but never recorded? Or maybe a fictional short story? Or a recurring dream? 

Write that story in just one day. Join other writers for a 3 hour write-in to finally get that story on paper.

1 Day/1 Story prep will begin one week prior to the event: Brainstorming, Choosing your theme, Outlining.

Story Exchange

Friday, Feb 21


Fuddruckers- Katy Mills

Story Exchange is a social gathering with a live interview, writing exercises, and coffee.  It's for people from all walks of life, writers and "non-writers" to connect through the stories each of us have to tell. 

Live interviews will vary in topic, but will be short in nature and focus on our monthly themes. Writing exercises will also be short and fun, designed to get even the "non-writer" excited about storytelling.

During the exchange, participants enter an excerpt of a story they have previously written or an excerpt from the writing exercises. Entries are numbered and anonymous. Stories are then drawn from a pile and the readers are able to discuss what connected them to what they read-- their questions and what they are then led to explore.

Fables & Fairytales Workshop

Sat. Mar 14


Westside Fellowship Church

A family event for adults and kids alike that mixes visual arts and creative writing. Learn the art of fables and fairytales from both writers and illustrators.


Includes a mini illustration lesson to create characters used in the fable or fairytale you write. Skilled writers will coach you through the creative writing.

Writing Group

4th Saturdays

Panera Bread 19506 IH-10W, 77084

Writing group meets on the 4th Saturday of each month. During the meetings we give constructive critique of each other's work.

Writing is submitted 1 week prior to the meeting date through our private file sharing Facebook page. Submissions are a max of 15 pages double-spaced. 

Message us on Facebook to be added to the file sharing page.