How It All Works

Every family commits to being on campus when their Elementary age children are on campus. Here is how the schedule process will work.

  • The available parent and/or guardian will choose a age/grade range to work with during the school year. 

    • Baby/Toddler Room

    • Pre-K thru 2nd​

    • 3rd thru 5th

    • Upper School (Middle thru High School)


  • Parents/Grand Parents/Adult Siblings all qualify for meeting the instructional commitments for family involvement in teaching courses. 

  • Within grade/age range the Parent/Instructors will receive course outlines, help with planning and training from the Tutors.

    • Parent-Instructors will plan together​ for the ages being taught. Absences and changes in schedule need to be communicated to our Head Tutor (Dr. Soden) and their fellow Instructors so as to make provision. 


  • Higher Level courses, Dual Credit and AP will be taught by our Community Tutors and Lecturers. Parent-Instructors will assist as TA's unless they also become degreed, qualified and/or receive enough training in their fields. 

  • Pre-requisite

    • Every adult family member (Including grand-parents or relatives and Tutors who are helping with courses) will​ complete safety and background screenings thru the Texas Homeschool Coalition Partner Co-Op program of which CSL Academy is a member. All CSL Academy members recieve a discount for membership in the Homeschool Coalition and for Conferences as well.