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Jan/Feb: Tell Your Story

In 2020, Write/Create wants to hear from you more than ever before. We'll ask you questions on our monthly themes and post your quotes right here on The Exchange.

You can answer these questions in the comments section below, use the contact form on the home page or send them to us through email. We all have a story to tell. You never know how yours can impact another.

1. Of all the people in your family you are the one who ________________.

Give an example:

2. Is there something your mom, dad or another relative has repeated over the years, a certain saying or a memorable story?

3. Looking back on your ____ years of life, what’s your story? Give me the first thing that comes to mind.

4. What’s one thing you’ve experienced that you don’t want to forget?

Have you ever taken them time to write your story down? Would you? Visit our events page to see more writing opportunities you can take part in.

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