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Poems for Advent: "Lesser Lights Speak"

Lesser Lights Speak By: Ashley Soden Sin as dark as night, I gathered a pile of fig leaves to cover myself, Though I was not hidden from you. You made the stars small but bright; They light up the sky with the radiant moon. In day I wondered could I be made new; If I touched the sun, Would my scars be healed by its light? Or would I burn? My eyes could not even look upon its face, without being blind and crippled more than I was. I could stay hidden, As a blade of grass in an open field, But never is one blade insignificant in your sight Never is one blade not known by you. These lesser lights speak, These lesser things point to you, Shining from east to west, Revealing who you are, Where we are in light of you. Like grace sent to shepherds, Under the still black night, Your messengers whisper “Do not be afraid”, You guide us into your sanctuary, And we are in awe of your glory. We unravel, All our fig leaves fall, Our bare-naked souls, Sick and dying, Now mended and healed. Receiving your light, We are refined, Washed clean, We are not drowned, In your holiness, In your pure light, You purify us, We are made whole by you. New children-- we come, Leaving our darkness, Led by your stars, To the light of the world, God in a manger, Come in the flesh, To save us all.

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