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Poems for Advent: "Light" by Michelle Lozano

Light By: Michelle Lozano-Persons

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Isaiah 9:2

People talk as if Him being The Light is such a pretty thing, Like sun shining on golden curls at the beach, Lasers dancing on the ceiling of the planetarium, A scenic drive through the neighborhood on a December night, As if He were the kind of light That is handy or picturesque or lends a nice atmosphere. He is the Light Like the faint and nearing glimmer Of a search beam in the wilderness When you’re clinging to a frozen crag for the third day And contemplating severing an arm. He is a flare thrown down a mineshaft A thousand feet, when you were sure no one knew You were there, left for dead. He is a lantern piercing true and clear In the hands of the rescuer Through the dust and rubble of an earthquake When you’re trapped and running out of air. Saving, Blesséd, Resplendent, Vital.

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