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Writing Tip: Don't Close

Every Friday we will post something to help you tackle your writing hurdles. We all have those writer's block moments where everything we write is "Blah, blah, blah." Truth is, we can't stop writing, so let's just figure out how to move forward.

One of the best secrets I've discovered is this one:

Tip #1: Don't close your document until you've made a couple notes for your writing tomorrow.

Think Rhythm and Momentum. No one wants to come back to their writing with no idea of what to write. You just kind of sit there or fumble around. You waist your precious time.

While you've already got your momentum going, jot down some notes for that next scene. Can't figure it out? Do a little research on some of your novel's main themes. Last night I sat at Starbucks looking for articles on gentrification. (This crazy book!) I jotted down notes for the next three scenes before closing out my document.

Today when I get ready to write, I'll be ready. I would have already been mulling it over all day. This is just one way to keep your novel fresh on your mind so you don't get stuck. 

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