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Writing Tip: What's the Lie?

When I’m in the thinking about and in the planning stage of a new project and just starting to know my characters, one question I ask is this: What is the lie my main character believes? The answer could be many, many things. Some examples: --No one is trustworthy. --I’m not good enough. --I have to be perfect. --God doesn’t care about me. Why is this important? The answer to this one question guides so much of a character’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and motives. Once I’ve nailed this down, I now have an entire book to prove my character wrong. Give it a shot. If you’re writing something now, what is the lie your character believes?

Sharon M. Peterson lives with her family in Texas. She has four children (two with autism), one cat, a tattoo, and a deep fear of poodles (don’t ask). She writes women’s fiction with heart and humor and is currently working on her second novel. You can check her out on Twitter @stone4031 or her website:

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