Membership in the Cooperative

Curriculum costs, administration, Tutor pay and lecturer compensation among other benefits are shared in a cooperative. As Luke explains of the early Church in Acts that early Church had “no need among them” and “had everything in common” because those with resources shared abundantly (Acts 2:44, 4:34). The cooperative also does not discriminate regarding race, socio-standing, immigration status nor intellectual ability. All are welcome to join the coop as long as there is full participation in the school community, discipline in the home and at school, dedication to the local Church and adherence to the Statement of Faith.


Funding the Cooperative

Favoritism because of wealth, social status and race is absolutely forbidden in the Scriptures (James 2:1; Leviticus 19:15; Ephesians 6:9; John 3:16; Acts 10:34). Therefore, CS Lewis Academy will fund the program with an indexed membership fee structure and an active endowment. The range will be 5%-12% (of tithe) of a family’s after tax income or net income as part of their dedicated tithe. Because CS Lewis Academy is a cooperative of believers the organization will function off of the tithing of its member families. God’s provision will dictate how much the organization will be able to do. Every family pledges monthly support for the work of the C.S. Lewis Academy by paying membership monthly plus whatever else the Lord leads them to gift to the ministry. All funds will go back into the ministry.

Each family contributes to CSLA according to income. See Academy payments in the "Membership" category. 

Yearly income      Membership (Monthly)

$25,000                $52

$50,000                $104

$75,000                $156

$100,000              $208

$150,000              $468

$200,000              $625

Included in Membership and Fees

  • Coursework, Tutors and curriculum supplies.

  • Access to Tutors via phone conference and in-person visits to house or workshops outside the Co op setting.

  • Membership is per household not per child (Excluding books/fees). You may have any number of children in the program.

  • Parents Teach, as Instructors, courses on Campus in conjunction with Tutor led seminars, lectures and course direction while on campus.

  • Books, additional supplies and school resources maybe purchased thru the buying power of a school non-profit. Saving on tax, extra savings associated, and various agreements WriteCreate/CS Lewis has negotiated for their membership. Thus, all parents are considered Faculty of the Cooperative and entitled to Teacher ID and savings associated with being a teacher at a non-profit in Texas.

  • Access to Homeschool sports leagues and competition

  • Access to expert lecturers and learning opportunities thru our “Meet the Professor” opportunities each term of the school year.

  • Field Trips and Community life (discounts vary by fund raising)

  • Expert guidance by the Tutors for developing further coursework and study at home which meets the needs of each child.

  • The entire family can attend together.

  • An enriching program for the whole family that will bless your homeschooling.

Family Membership

After submitting your application you will be contacted by CS Lewis Academy with a secure link to set up your Membership Payment Plan  and  some safety forms for the 2019-2020 co-op academic year.