Tutors & Community

Oxford Model Program

The tutorial system of education has its roots in the Liberal Arts tradition and is still utilized at Oxford and Cambridge. Apart from regular lectures, classroom instruction, labs and larger group classes students meet in small group setting with Tutors.  The Tutors give direct feedback on student work, instruct in areas of need and assign further work in consultation with the primary teachers of the students (The parents and/or guardians).  At CS Lewis Academy the Lead Tutors both give larger group instruction, direct the parent teachers and meet in small groups for direct feedback for students.

All Tutors, Teachers, Instructors and Member Families of the CS Lewis Academy must adhere to the Mission and Statement of Faith of Write/Create, INC. The Tutors are professional educators who help organize, guide and structure the content and academic programs being offered at the Co-op. All the traditional Liberal Arts will be covered but with a heavy arts and literary emphasis.